Started on January 1, 1970 2h


We offer you a tour with a traditional timber raft along the river Drava. The tour starts in Koblar Bay and goes all the way to the Lent, which was in the olden days a big port for timber rafts. We will tell you all about the history of timber rafting and about the tough life of timber rafting workers on river Drava. We will make the tour joyfull with our fun program, traditional music and a special procession of baptise.

With all of this we will not left anyone hungry or thirsty. We will offer you the biggest pearl of the wine land of Styria. We will pamper you with a quality and noble drop of wine and serve you a domestic Slovenian cuisine.

PRICE FOR TRIP 2: TIMBER RAFTING (2h) is 35 euros.

If you wish to make a reservation of one of trips for parents, write it in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION next to BILLING INFORMATION in Checkout of payment. We will send you an email to confirm proposed reservations.